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2019: Goal recap and highlights

Long post alert. I started out writing my resolution assessment and 2019 highlight reel as two separate posts and then ultimately decided that I didn't want to post that many posts about 2019. So they are wrapped up into one here.

2019 Resolution Assessment

At the beginning of 2019, I found myself completely wrapped up in the enthusiasm for doing all the things and made a pretty ambitious list of goals for myself. So before I put up my 2020 goals, I want to look back at how my 2019 goals fared: what went well, what didn't and what priorities changed entirely.

Fitness and Athletics

My two big goals were to run a sub-2 hour half marathon and complete a Half-Ironman. Canada 70.3 was a success in that it happened, however, the only half marathon that I ran in 2019 was during that race and it took me three hours. Running a sub two half is still high on my life to do list and it would be a dream to run one during a 70.3.

As for my minigoals:

  • Take an East Coast swing class: Success!

  • Take a sea kayaking class: Success!

  • Go on one multi-day sea kayaking trip: Fail!

Low Waste and Environmental Stewardship

I would say that I started out really strong on this endeavor and then petered out a bit.

  • Buy nothing new, buy ethical when I have to buy new: This went really well for a few months and then come May, I just lost steam. Why? Simply because it was easier. I can still count the number of things that I bought new from a source that might be unsustainable on two hands and still consider the buyerarchy of needs before I purchase anything, so I'd give myself a 75% on this one.

  • 1 meat free month: This actually did mostly happen from early September to October! I got really sick of paying a lot of money for meat at the grocery store so I just flat out stopped buying it.

  • Host one event around environmentalism. This never happened.

  • Volunteer with Seattle Parks and Recreation. I wasn't able to do the volunteer job that I initially signed up for because of scheduling conflict, but I did volunteer with Seattle Green Day with my friend Aaron, where we planted a bunch of trees and bushes in a rehabilitation zone in a park near him. I also volunteered with my community garden, harvesting food from our Giving Garden and donating it to our local food bank.


The year started out pretty strong with this, but once training for my triathlon started taking up most of my time and mental energy, I lost a lot of interest in watercolor.

  • Display my art in a cafe: Didn't happen, but still a life goal

  • Take one Skillshare class a month: I think this lasted 3 months and then I canceled my membership because it just wasn't for me.

  • Take a calligraphy class: I did actually do this, but after a couple weeks of practicing, decided that I'm going to leave calligraphy to someone else as it just didn't grab me as much as I thought that it would.


  • Read every book on my 2019 reading list (24 books): While I didn't read every book on my list, I read 31 books! This may not seem like much to some, but this is huge for me! On top of that, I read a lot of really valuable and enjoyable books and learned to be ok with DNFing books that didn't grab me. I plan to write a post about my favorite books of 2019 so stay tuned for that in 2020!

  • Read one scientific paper a week: In retrospect, this goal seems straight up laughable. Given that I had read 0 papers on my own time the year before, this goal was the equivalent of going 0 to 100.


To be frank, none of my goals in this category were even remotely completed. I think a big part of the problem is that when I wrote these goals (in January), I was mentally pushing them out to be done in the last quarter of the year. If I learned anything, its that priorities change over the course of the year and by the time that I got to the last three months of the year, there were a lot of other things happening in my life and this goal just did not call to me.


On the other hand, this section was a huge success! My loose goals were to beat my 2018 Duolingo French streak and read one book in Spanish. Well, I blew my 2018 Duolingo streak out of the water and practiced a total of 341 days, meaning that I only missed 25 days out of the whole year. Given that that is almost a whole month that I missed, it does sound like a lot but I'm still going to call it a success. I even got to practice my French on our trip to France in October and got so excited about how I was doing that I bought the first Harry Potter book in French. Way to get cocky. I got about 3 pages in and progress was so slow that I gave up. However, it gave me the idea to read Harry Potter in Spanish so that was a success on my second goal, too.

19 Highlights from 2019!

1) New Orleans trip with one of my best friends in January

2) Snowpocalypse + Mom's visit for skiing

3) Training, training, so much training

4) Getting my hands dirty in a community garden plot

5) Returning to Louisiana twice in the summer months

6) My cousin's wedding in MSP

7) Squamish climbing trip with friends in May

8) Boise, ID for an Evans family reunion

9) Goldmeyer Hot Springs with friends that I don't see nearly often enough

10) Starting triathlon and Canada 70.3

11) Learning ocean kayaking

12) Getting engaged!

13) Getting out on our mountain bikes

14) Labor Day in Coeur d'Alene

15) Traveling to Portland for DASH

16) Watching two friends get married in TN

17) Traveling to France with Cameron

18) Seeing improvement in my art

19) Finding joy and direction in my job again

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